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Prepare to learn, return to, or improve your game of golf!

Clinics are offered at area golf courses Eagle Vale and Oak Hill Country Club with local golf professionals who are trained in adaptive techniques and skills improvement. Modified equipment and adaptive golf carts are available to assist golfers who need assistance.

SportsNet Adaptive Golf on Vimeo.

Click to view a night of Adaptive Golf at Eagle Vale Golf Course, courtesy of Morgan LaPresi.

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Golf Clinics

We will advertise summer golf clinics, which are a great way for individuals to try putting and driving, gain feedback from golf pros, and play out a few holes. All clinics provide one-to-one and group instruction, tutorial for accessing the golf course's facilities, instructions on reserving a cart and tee time, and information on course etiquette and facility fee poliies. A Scramble Night Clinic offers the opportunity to play a safe and fun round of golf, playing as many holes in small groups as time allows, under the instruction of the golf pro. After a clinic or two, you will be ready to GO OUT AND GOLF any day of the week!