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Reclamation and Recycling

Professional reclamation and recycling services you can count on.

We know that recycling material is a byproduct of your main business. At OneSource Solutions, we help our customers remove waste quickly, freeing up valuable work and warehouse space to keep your business running smooth and efficient.

Recycling usable materials, or responsibly disposing of them conserves resources and generates less pollution versus paying to dump them in landfills.

Book Recycling

Book recycling reduces solid waste because it diverts usable paper from the waste stream. According to current statistics, cardboard and paper combined make up over 73% of materials in landfills; paperback books contain 60% or more recycled paper that can be recycled again.

All of your unwanted books and bound paper products are debined on site, and sorted to become 100% reusable raw materials. – with nothing sent to landfills. We accept: hard cover books, college books, soft cover books, phone books, magazines, monthly publications, reference books, and law books. Unfortunately, we cannot accept spiral or plastic bound books.

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